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Investing in Future




It's Your Idea. Live It. Promote It. Own It.

Leasing a Domain

Much as a house or building lease you can pay short or long term for the domain. Our agreement allow you to forward our domain to your ready to go website with a mask so no one knows that you aren't the owner of the domain. Change locations or business names you don't have to worry about leaving the domain, we'll take care of it for you.

Purchasing the Domain

Purchase to domain for a onetime fee and own it forever! Yes it cost more but it's yours to do with it what you want for your business.

Find Your
Domain today

How To Purchase

It couldn't be any easier to buy a domain from us. You e-mail us letting us know you would like to purchase the domain we send you a link for paypal, wire, or check address. Once payment is processed and cleared we will transfer the domain to you

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